miami home

i was kidding with that previous post 5 months ago.. nothing like peace and quiet here



It is a good life in Miami.

People are warm, they look good, they smile and take it easy. I wake up every day with the sunrise over Biscayne Bay.

Is this for real? Did I make this happen?

Although I fall in love in every city I live in, my ikea shopping list is never that long. I know I will move on in a few months, but until then I have a clear picture of the awesomeness of life that has just started to grow. I work like a dog and on top of that I expect sun, palm trees pools and margaritas - it is time to take it easy, stop driving myself crazy. Let's see if I can do the magic.



Lemolife homepage is still under construction but has been touched up: www.lemolife.com

I have discovered the awesomeness of html5 video backgrounds. (unfortunately can't be displayed on phones or tablets). I will be updating the video from time to time.
For now - snowy Saturday in Long Island City.



Deodorized Central Mass with Satellites

Mike Kelley's exhibition in MoMAPS1 took me by surprise. It is dark, it's far from what I planned to see on hangovered Sunday afternoon - absolutely NOT what you think when looking at the fluffy colorful Deodorized Mass in the photo.

Since it is right next door to my apt - I'm going to see it again, more pics will follow.

the work in the picture above and below: Deodorized Central Mass with Satellites
read the description of the past exhibition at Perry Rubenstein gallery.
sold for 2.7 mln USD



Jean Paul Gaultier in Brooklyn Museum
                   stepping out of the real world for a sec


one year

Last Saturday I celebrated the first anniversary of turning my life upside down and leaving Poland.

On that occasion I did the fabolous nothing special all day long - that was probably the first weekend since a year that felt like I have a normal life. Yes, I missed that.

Putting some numbers together, over the past year I:
1. lived in 3 cities on 3 continents
2. visited 9 countries
3. 20 times packed and unpacked all my belongings (Thai backpacking doesn't count)
4. lived in 13 apartments (not counting if stayed less than a week)
5. stayed in 12 hotels
6. went up to 4 large coffees a day
7. went down to 2 beers + 0 cigarettes already causing headache
8. grew old of at least 5 years

Coincidence or not - on Saturday I found a chair on the sidewalk and took it with me - this way I got myself the very first piece of furniture.
Now I'm planning to sit down and relax.



the moment when you feel that you cannot go any further and you're about to give up and go to sleep and then you work two more nights


back to school

I went to Jacques Herzog's lecture at Columbia University today.

I had this feeling that I have to go and yes, it occurred that I really needed this friendly reminder of what it is really about in architecture business. We make money, we get promoted and drink champagne, but in fact it is worth nothing as long as there is no actual Thought behind all this.



free afternoon

It doesn't happen too often that I'm in the streets around sunset.. but no matter the time of the day, Tribeca is always stunning.

Recently I realized that I drink less wine than I would actually like to because in the US you can't just buy wine in a grocery store and liquor stores usually close long before I start thinking about leaving the office - meaning no spontaneous dry reds to relax at home. I need to secure a few bottles from Frankly Wines.